Blockstart helps developers
build mobile apps & games on blockchain
Implement our easy-to-use SDKs to launch and manage
cryptocurrencies and assets with a few lines of code.
  1. Import Blockstart
  2. // Design your cryptocurrency
  3. let coolCoin = Token()
  4. coolCoin.tokenName = "Cool Coin"
  5. coolCoin.totalSupply = 100000000
  6. coolCoin.decimals = 6
  7. coolCoin.mutable = false
  8. // Publish it!
  9. coolCoin.launchToken()
Get started with a few lines of code.
The blockchain developer toolkit
Blockstart manages all of the tooling, security, governance & scalability that powers your tokens and assets
blockchain toolkit
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blockchain toolkit
Easy monetization with real time stats.
We help keep track of your transactions, fees, usage, & tokens in circulation so you can focus on building great apps.
Plug-and-Play: Don’t rebuild your app
Blockstart is designed to work with your existing apps & architectures. Don’t spend months integrating complex blockchain solutions
blockchain toolkit
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blockchain toolkit
Incentivizing your users
You can enable your tokens to be a part of our Miner program so your users can earn your tokens and spend them in your apps & games. No expensive hardware required!